About Elise Ficarra

Elise Ficarra’s first book Swelter, winner the Michael Rubin Chapbook Award, came out from Fourteen Hills Press in 2005. Her work has appeared in Bird Dog, Commonweal, Fourteen Hills, Parthenon West Small Town, Transfer and other journals. She is a contributor to Hinge a BOAS anthology of eight Bay Area experimental women writers (Crack Press, 2002). She lives in San Francisco where she works as the business manager of The Poetry Center and American Poetry Archives. On Swelter: "Cut out of figures of beauty, desire, innocence, the voices here--whispers, confessions, statements, accusations--undercut each other, exposing invisible scars, scripts under scripts, a palimpsest of mythic signs addressing violations and stigmas daily undergond and untold. Reading them we cannot be unimplicated..." (Benjamin Hollander)

Her first book Swelter was recently released by SPD books

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