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  • About Us:

    The MilkBar at The Sunshine Biscuit Factory in East Oakland is an artistcurated salon series, established in 2004 as an environment for the intersection of innovative, contemporary and experimental dance, music, theater and film.

    The MilkBar’s co curators are: Mary Armentrout, Merlin Coleman and Ian Winters. Their shared curatorial aesthetic produces the MilkBar salons in their vibrant intimate forty seat venue. The Milkbar actively supports site-specific work in and around the Sunshine Biscuit Factory's vast industrial complex.

    These salons host a dynamic and diverse range of artists creating a unique collage effect of mixed disciplines such as local butoh, experimental Russian and Turkish film, mixed media photo installations, rooftop performance art with audience participation, and singer/songwriters.

    Over the past 10 years The MilkBar has evolved into the site of dialogue between artist and artist, artist and audience, audience and the new, while remaining focused on its primary role as studio / workspace.

    It is curated and produced by studio members:

    Merlin Coleman, Mary Armentrout, and Ian Winters

    We are fiscally sponsored by Dancer's Group. Special thanks to our funders the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the Clorox Foundation and Meet the Composer.

  • Rentals: If you are interested in our rental program please see our listing on Bay Area Spaces:

    Our goal for the salon program is to show new performance, music, film and installation works for a small and aware studio audience.

    To contact us or if you have something to show?

    Email us at milkbar AT milkbar DOT org a brief proposal if you'd like to show work, or have a project to propose.

    Deadlines: We are currently considering proposals for fall 2014. We also consider other shows and projects from time to time, and coordinate a monthly residency program through the Projects Room program. We encourage you to send us info on projects you'd like to show. Our deadline for considering unsolicted proposals is 6 weeks prior to the show.

    Each show typically features new music, a multimedia performance or installation, and, visual art and of course-- live performance.

    merlin mary and ian

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